A photo chronicle by Merli Antsmaa and her grandfather Kalju Mihkelson

Kalju Mihkelson was a village photographer in Haademeeste, Estonia. He died before Merli Antsmaa, his granddaughter was born. When Merli, who is also into photography, found her grandfather’s photo album, she was inspired to show some of the material in public, alongside her own photos.

"Over one generation" shows pieces of life in Estonia countryside in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and also the photos of nowadays. As the grandfather and the granddaughter have never met in real life, they meet in this form of art.
As part of the GRAND TREASURES project, Merli Antsmaa went back to Haademeeste and Parnu, Estonia, to record some stories behind her grandfather’s photographs. Here, 2 people talk about 4 photos taken around the 1950’s.

Kultuur Aitab Hingata - Estonia


Grand Treasure Kristina is from Viljandi who owns a company Vingersats. She is a tailor and a handicrafts woman! This short video displays some of her thought and memories how she became absorbed in the handicraft and textile world