Intercultural Christmas afternoon in Dobków

Intercultural afternoon in Dobków was organized during our 1st partnership meeting. Dobków is a small village in South West Poland, which has very interesting history. It is located in the area that used to belong to Germany before the WW2. All people who currently live there came aftern 1945 from the "East" - regions that used tu be polish before the war, and now they belong to Ukraine or Belarus, or from central Poland. 

This implicated difficulties with starting life at a completely new place, insecurity if the borders will not change again, as well as specific mixture of traditions - which is as well visible during "around the Christmas table". 

In Poland, we have 12 different dishes on the Christmas table, but what are they exactly depends a lot on the region. Due to the mix of cultures we can see in Dobków there is a big variety of traditional christmas recepies.

We decided to use a chance of staying in Dobków during the 1st partnership meeting to share local traditions as well as traditions of our international partners. We had a chance to taste different christmas dishes, listen about traditions, and experience some of them, and as well listen to the stories of people from the village...