Exhibition Aula de Teatro Ánxel Casal

The Aula de Teatro “Ánxel Casal” de Arzúa keeps the name of the republican major of Santiago, early killed by the fascist dictatorship.

The Aula de Teatro “Ánxel Casal” de Arzúa was born to promote theatre in this rural town in Galician countryside and for about 15 years has been training and performing differents plots for the community. It started with kids -some of then are grown-up now- and soon engaged elderly people too.

The Aula de Teatro “Ánxel Casal” de Arzúa has always cared of mingling generations on the stage and worked out historical remembrance by varied means.

As a celebration of the past & present, a retrospective exhbition was prepared as local celebration of the International day of Theatre 2013.

The exhibition consisted on pictures and pannels recovering the history of the Aula since its early steps, atrezzo, theater text and other significant items, plus a programme of intergenerational theatre gatherings: improvistation matches with mixed-generation teams.

The exhibition lasted two weeks. It was hosted in a chapel in Arzúa town, right away in Santiago´s way during Easter time.


It meant a recognition for those who day by day have built it... Day by day have dreamt and shared their dreams in a stage... Day by day have have worked in and for the community... with tears and smiles