3rd meeting - Greece


where? Sikinos, small beautiful Greek island

when? July 3rd - 7th, 2012

what for? to discover local Treasures, and methodology used by Greek partner organisation, to prepare first common exhibition, to share what we do at home, to get inspired...


what happened?

we arrived to Sikinos late night, and already next day in the morning we realised that the Grand Treasures are everywhere.. almost each single restaurant, shop, institution, was supporting our project and was ready to host us..


we started with rediscussing the aims of our project, identifying what are we still missing, with "checking" if we are on the right track..

we had small astronomy class, and we could see the beautiful rings of Saturn


we visited monastery with photo exhibition of current and old photos of the island

we spent beautiful time together with local community of Sikinos, listening to beautiful music by one of the Grand Treasures from Sikins: Papa-Theodore and watch the documentary movies connected to stories of Treasures from our countries..


we met with local Treasure: Papa-Spyros..

had practical workshop on Oral History with Dr T. Verveniotou

we prepared an exhibition with stories of Treasures from our countries, with the support of museologist Eleanna Vlachou


we organised beautiful opening of exhibition..

we were hosted by Mayor Yannis Syrigos, and by many other inhabitants of the island..

big thanx for Greek team for this beautiful time!!


More photos: picassa gallery

Report from the 3rd meeting: report

participants guide: pax guide

Online gallery from exhibition, which took place in Sikonos is available on the website of the Greek partner: www.mediadellarte.gr