4th meeting - Latvia


where? Riga and Pilsrundale, Latvia
when? Sept 27th - Oct 3rd, 2012
what for? to discover local Treasures, to be a part of storytelling libraries festival, to experience inspiring study visits, to agree on next steps of the project
what happened?
the meeting started with storytelling libraries festival..
some of us joined after the story telling libraries festival, it was Sunday, 30th of Sept, lunchtime. We started the diescovery of Riga with visit to Bisumuiza library, where we could hear about acitvities of the library, where we shared updates on what happens "at home" in our partner organisations, and we had beautiful concert of the traditional music..
Next day in the morning we started to work on the common product of the partnership in the House of European Union, where we were welcomed by the representative of Latvian National Commission for UNESCO. 
The same day we did as well visited the Etnographic Open - Air Museum of Latvia, were me met real Treasures..
And this was not the end of this exiting day. We visited a very special place: Dobrebardzo, where we had a chance to meet with Bruno Ascuks, producer of movie based on story of Irina Pilke (her story was a part of the Grand Treasures exhibition in Greece.
We as well had a small tour around the Dobrebardzo area, area for alternative art..
Next day started with workshop scenario based on the stories of Righteous Among the Nations: Slava and Izydor Wolosianscy, who saved 39 jewish people during WW2. Workshop was an example of how polish partner within the project: UNESCO Initiatives Centre, use oral history in educational projects.
On Tesday afternoon we visited Archives of Latvian Folklore.
Where we discovered divices which were used to record first bits of Latvian folk songs ever recorded.
At the end of the meeting we share our ideas for future follow ups after the Grand Treasures project and we commited ourselves to put a lot of energy into the homework which each partner will do till the Estonian meeting.