5th meeting


where? Pärnu and Viljandi, Estonia
when? March, 22nd to 26th 2013
what for? to meet with Estonian Treasures, to discver  , to get inspired by study visits, to agree on next steps of the project
what happened?
Morning walk around Pärnu. Although many of the partners and guests were not used to the cold then the weather was sunny and nice enought that the people were not freezing.
In the Pärnu library was Krista, who showed us the library and it's fascinating modern glass architecture. We also visitied Merli’s grandfathers photo exhibition „Oh those youngsters“.
After lunch and a small break there was some time to meet the Latvian librarians who all had interesting stories about their work and projects and showed some pictures. Then Merli showed a small workshop she had with the youngsters in last August.
After a small coffee break it was the time to go to the Pärnu museum where we had a nice one hour tour introducing the Pärnu and its area history from the ancient times until the gaining of the independence of Estonia.
After dinner we had a magic storytelling evening with Grand Treasure, Jaak Känd who presented his amazing poems (inspired by his family). He was an inspiration for some of us to tell our stories as well. 
The next day we've spend in Viljandi – the main town of heritage year 2013. Firstly we visited the Estonian Traditional Music Centre that promotes and organises folk music hobby education and live folk music.
While visiting Incubator’s Textile Centre which helps creative crafts people with their new entreprises we've learned how to prepare cradle protection dolls and bracelets made of fabric and thread.
Afternoon we've met a Grand Treasure - Kulno Malva who's a young folk musician who has been playing traditional music and his own interpretation of it for 12 years. He also performed melodies on his Estonian bagpipe and accordion, and he also sang some runo songs for us.
The bus ride ended with a trip to the main beach in Pärnu. In winter, the sea freezes that's why we could enjoy a walk on 70-centimetre thick ice on the Baltic Sea. 
Last day of our stay in Estonia we've visited Pärnu Ülejõe Gümnaasium where we've met students who performed for us tradtional Estonian songs and presented some facts about Estonia and Pärnu.
Just before lunch we visited small museum in Häädemeeste. Tiiu the mother of the museum we were visiting waited for us with the coffee and tea :) 
Even if the program of the visit was very intensive we also found time to have talkes about next steps in the project or present good practices of our organisation. Thank You, Estonians for such a warm welcoming in your cold country! :)

More photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.515973401793585.1073741826.109174252473504&type=3

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