Exhibition of old photos in Dobków




Collecting photos and making an exhibition
Photos show the material and non material heritage of the area where the displaced testimonies come from- celebration of holidays, elements of traditional clothing, important events, culinary traditions, local architecture, objects of everyday use and cultural landscape
Recording memories & gaining stories of testimonies- displaced people who came to Dobkow after 1945. Collected stories were about war times and time afterward.


The exhibition was shown between  27.08.2011 and 31.12.2011


With 15 adults in age of 22-67 and 15 teenagers from Dobkow 


To collect photos & stories of testimonies
To  make a dialogue between generations and preserve their history
To integrate the local society and show them the importance of their place
To preserve the memory of the times and culture which is fading away


Choosing and making an exhibition of  90 photos showing the cultural heritage & stories of testimonies from Dobkow. An exhibition took place in few rooms, with a traditional folklore music as a background.
Leading a photography workshops between 31.10 and 9.12.2011 for participants
Meeting with a chief of a polish polar station