educational programme based on stories of Righteous Among the Nations
it’s a story of how much we were inspired by an incredible woman – Slawa Wolosianska – who for nearly 2 years hid 39 people in her basement, and thus rescued them from the Holocaust. Afterwards she became a “grandma” to many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those saved by her.. 
The project focused on how to SHARE stories of eye witnesses – Righteous Among the Nations (people who saved Jews during the WW2) – with a wider public, how to PRESERVE them for future generations, and what do they MEAN TO US today


Set of different events:
  • 3 editions of Polish – German – Israeli youth seminars dealing with the topic of Righteous Among the Nations, taking place in Poland, Germany and Israel; 
  • A “Reunion meeting” of most active participants of previous editions (trainers, youth workers, educators)
  • A publication developed by international group of experts of civic education:
  • An exhibition about stories of rescuing Jews during WW2 showed in: Wroclaw and Jelenia Góra (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Tel Awiw (Israel)
  • Workshops about stories of rescue and their current importance, carried out for university and high school students from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, United States and Israel
  • Historical and methodological trainings and workshops for teachers in Poland and in Czech Republic
The project dealt with:
During the 1st Polish – German – Israeli seminar in 2005 we decided to organize meetings with eye witnesses living in Wroclaw. One of them was Slawa Wolosianska whose story inspired us so much that we decided to explore it, and later – to pass it on.
We contacted people who were saved by Slawa Wolosianska, and visited them in Israel. We met 4 eye witnesses who were children while hiding in the basement during the war. They shared with us documents and photos, and we have recorded their memories during the meetings with project participants. 
We used parts of the story to create 1) a publication: educational manual with workshop scenarios, 2) exhibitions and 3) the project website.
We had discussions and workshops about the message from the stories of Righteous for us today. We have talked about helping others, civil courage, reasons for making certain decisions, reasons for helping or not helping people in need. We discussed these uneasy topics in the circle of people from different backgrounds, among Poles, Germans and Israelis connected by a common painful history. 


To share stories of Righteous Among the Nations through educational tools focused on history of the Holocaust and human bravery, and the issue of civil courage and active participation nowadays.
  • To create workshop scenarios based on stories of Righteous Among the Nations, which can further on be used in history and civic education classes
  • To create exhibitions telling stories of rescue
  • To share the story of Righteous through workshops and trainings for multipliers (e.g. youth workers, teachers) 


The project has started in 2005, and continues till today.


Project Partners:
Edith Stein Society, Poland
UNESCO Initiatives Centre, Poland
Museum Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind, Germany
World Union of Jewish Students, Israel
Haifa Hillel, Israel
YOFI – Youth Forum Israel, Israel
The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History Program of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Silent Heroes Memorial Centre Berlin, Germany
Anne Frank House, The Netherlands
Mauthausen Memorial, Austria
Liberecka Obcanska Spolecnost, Czech Republic
Youth Council of Presov Region, Slovakia


Seminars: for youth workers, educators, students and multipliers from Poland, Germany and Israel
Publication and trainings: for educators and teachers
Exhibitions: open for the public
Workshops: for pupils and students


  • Over 60 young people (multipliers) who took part in the Polish – German – Israeli seminars
  • 2 exhibitions about the stories of Righteous were created and shown in 4 different places in Poland, Germany and Israel 
  • 5 workshop scenarios were developed by participants and experts involved in the project
  • Publication with stories and workshops scenarios
  • Over 60 teachers, who took part in trainings
  • Over 500 youngsters and students, who took part in workshops
  • Project website:


Pupils participating in the workshops
I have learned that human life has to be respected.
I have learned about history, and what is more, about concrete details of the daily life, which is very interesting and we don’t have it at school.
I have learned that in our life we always have a choice. 
I have learned about social mechanisms and what life looked like during the occupation. 
I have learned that one should not be indifferent towards others.
Teachers participating in the trainings
Very interesting methods, giving opportunity to interact with different members of the group.
Good way of connecting theory and practice.
Workshops give opportunity to be adapted to different target groups.
What I liked the most is that we worked with real stories, which were amazing.