APOI (Arquivo do Patrimonio Oral da Identidade), Galicia


A digitalization,cataloging,study and diffusion of oral heritage project




  • APOI is an on-line database of Galician untangible heritage

  • APOI consists of original recordings of traditional music and numerous ethno cultural meta-data to make it available for researchers

  • APOI is a suitable tool for study, research, education and even entertainment

  • APOI database beloongs to the Museo do Pobo Galego (Museum of the Galician People, MPG), but the recordings have been provided by authors who sign their works of compilation, digitalization, transcription, research, etc. They have public recognition and their rights are respected.

  • APOI is under construction and it will be a valuable tool in the future



The MPG's Institute of Identity Studies started in 2007 the project “Identity Sounds and Voices”. Due its development, the APOI appeared (Identity Oral Heritage Archive ) in order to make its audio and video recordings available online.



Let's make the songs go back to the people from they went out

as the people made them come to us”



WEBPAGE: https://www.apoi-mpg.org/



  We believe that cultural phenomena are highly interdependent and hardly detachable in his demonstrations. The interdisciplinary research approaches are the most thriving for an integrated understanding of our history and culture.


  • We have resources of very different nature:: tales, riddles, music, poetry, dances...

  • We also have varied related information: musicological, linguistic, ethnographic,...

  • We incorporate all this elements into a single database

  • Our aim is to cover the interest of a wide range of users.

  • We have started by the construction of the musical online database


APOI database organization:


  • Identification and entry data

  • Musical record and characteristics

  • Fieldwork

  • Transcription

  • Technical sound record

  • Study and research