Portuguese partner

Name of organisation: Associação Cultural e Pedagógica Ponte...nas Ondas!. An international NGO with members in Portugal and in Galicia (Spanish region in the North border of Portugal)

SINCE WHEN?: Since 1995

WHY?: Because we realized that Galicia and North of Portugal have a similar language and a common heritage spread in all the Portuguese countries (Brasil, Moçambique, Angola, etc). We tried to keep this culture alive and we hope that the best way is the transmission to the new generations by the elders who are owners of this heritage.

FOR WHOM?: The target group is mainly composed by Galician and Portuguese teachers from all levels and schools (Primary, Secondary and University)

WHAT?: Our activities are quite varied, always focused in mass media, heritage and grand treasures. Along the years, we have organized festivals, concerts, living libraries meetings (in schools,  auditoriums, museums, etc) and  competitions inter schools.
Once a year we do a radio experience called “Ponte…nas Ondas!. That day, students from the participating schools broadcast living radio and video programmes during 24 hours acting as journalists and technicians.
Six years ago, we presented to UNESCO a Candidacy of Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage to be considered a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

BY WHOM?: The team is consisted of a group of teachers (8/10 people) who plan the year activities. Lourdes Carita is the responsible person in Portugal and Santiago Veloso in Galicia.

WHY TREASURES? Since 1995 grand treasures have always been a constant in our activities, visiting schools, telling their memories and stories to the youngest and transmiting their knowledge.

In the last two editions of the Media experience the topic was “Living Libraries” (2010), Grand Treasures (2009) and  “ “Let´s tell stories” will be in 2012.

We published 2 DVD-CD-BOOKS, “Meniños Cantores” and “Cores do Atlántico” with songs, karaokes, documentaries, etc.




website: https://www.pontenasondas.org

contact person: Lourdes Caritalourdes.carita@webside.pt


Lourdes & Chus

our place

Country: Portugal

Region: North / Minho

Town: Valença do Minho

Website:  https://www.cm-valenca.pt

Number Inhabitants: 15.000

Main industry, most popular profession: Valença is an important turistic town with an old fortress and an old international bridge over the river Minho. The old walls and the fortress look over the Minho River and to Spain so the relationship between the two countries has been strengthened through time. Shopping, gastronomy, enviroment are sure values.

Strenghts, potential and opportunities: The relations between the two countries (Galicia and Portugal) were close in the old times with many similarities in the traditions, language, shopping, etc. This area conforms the first Euroregion in the EU and this is a big value.

Challanges / difficulties: The local comunications (roads, motorways, etc) aren´t very good. The economy, based in trading is nowadays getting in troubles with a high  rate of unemployment, mainly in young people.

Local products: The most important local products are vegetables and fruit grown for local people in small fields. Fishing is important too and the fish caught in the river Minho is selled in local restaurants. Alvarinho wine (white) is produced in two ways: small farms with a little production and vinaryads with a bigger production selled in all the world.

Anything else that is special: In Valença there are some NGO that try to keep alive the local traditions. The Council supports them with some funds and some time along the year they organize festivals where these NGOs can show their traditions.


Usual temperature in summer: 28/30  C degrees .

Coldest temperature in winter: 5/10 C degrees