Greek exhibition

Grand Treasures: Oral History Exhibition, Sikinos 2012




Six NGOs from six European countries collect testimonies stories from their homeland.

Media dell' Arte, working with Oral History since 2002, shares its methodology of collecting the material with the rest of the organizations.

The material is collected and the Greek team starts processing it. The six partners meet in Sikinos in June 2012 and part of the oral stories' collection are presented in a common exhibition on the island.

The GRAND TREASURES exhibition for Oral History was part of the GRAND TREASURES - Grundtvig European programme. The participants are:

UNESCO Initiatives Center - Poland 
Kultuur Aitab Hingata - Estonia
UNESCO National Commission - Latvia
Xandobela - Spain - Galicia
Ponte nas Ondas - Portugal
Media dell' Arte - Greece



Eleanna Vlachou, historian - museographer




We wish to thank:

The Sikinos Municipality for providing us the exhibition venue

Our friend Anna Manousopoulou for her valuable moral and financial support , 

Nicola Auzanneau for getting us in touch with the Irina Pilke material, 

and Bruno Ascuks for his kind permission to use the Irina Pilke materai in the exhibition


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