Estonian partner

WHO?  name of organisation: MTÜ Kultuur aitab hingata /NGO Culture helps to breathe

SINCE WHEN? 2nd of September 2009

WHY? Firstly to give young event managers the opportunity to organize and develop their projects. NGO has also a mission to develop projects that has influence on different types of audience and also shows culture on different sides. This is also why we are active both on local and also international level – to promote Estonian culture but also respect other cultures.

FOR WHOM? target group(s): Young event managers, also everyone from different age groups depending on the projects. Some projects emphasize on certain target groups.

WHAT? we have organized festivals, concerts, education quizzes, literature day, be part in photo exhibition, a folk-music groups CD release. Our heart is in educating people through events, projects and on the field of culture, folklore and non-formal education.

BY WHOM? Our NGO is very small. There are two main project managers: Hannele Känd and Merli Antsmaa, and two members: Minna Kohjus and Sandra Perens. Depending on our projects, we ask other friends and event managers to help. Mainly from Tartu University Viljandi  Culture Academy.

WHY TREASURES? your experience of working with oral history, cultural heritage, and other key topics of the project (project examples, if any publications, outcomes – please add links): As all our members are from the same academy (Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy) and we all have had lectures about preserving our culture and oral history, we all feel the connection. We all have had an impact from it. For example the CD from NolensVolens has songs from our ancestors but in the form of young people and their thought of this music. And the photo exhibition “Over one generation” has two authors: grandfather and his granddaughter and they have never seen each other. But the connection comes out through the pictures. Estonia has a huge cultural (especially oral) heritage. We have to keep it in mind and live with it and use it like we always have.



contact person: Merli Antsmaa,

Merli & Hannele

our place

Country: Estonia

Region: South-West of Estonia 

Town: Pärnu county


Main industry, most popular profession: related to the sea 

Strenghts, potential and opportunities: By the sea, tourism

Challanges / difficulties: Too big focus on the tourism, small usage of the sea and fisching nowadays

Local products: Fish

Anything else that is special: Forest, wetland, island calles Kihnu

Potential of working with the treasures: contact with some elderly groups, also contacts in schools and leasure time places.


Usual temperature in summer: +25 and sometimes more, sometimes less

Coldest temperature in winter: -25 or 30