Greek partner 


WHO?  MEDIA DELL’ ARTE Creative Team


WHY? supporting the local communities of the small islands of Cyclades

FOR WHOM? local insular communities

WHAT? festivals, exhibitions, research (history etc), living library, music, astronomy for all, local cuisine and products, dance etc

BY WHOM? about 15 people with different degree of involvement. Eleanna Vlachou (historian - museographer), George Paterakis (musician), Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou (social pedagogue), Jorgina Stamogianni, Ilias Prasinos (social anthropologists), Despina Spirou (photographer), Margarita Nikitaki (photographer - graphic designer), Lara Kalliri (philologist), Dimitra Kouzi (cinematographer) and more others.

WHY TREASURES? We implement the Cyclades Oral Archive since 2003. We collect the interviews, digitalize them, make a database, transcribe them in a readable form etc. We have a certain methodology for every step of the procedure.



contact person: Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou  

Giorgios, Judith & Lara


our place

Country: Greece

Region: Cyclades Islands, Aegean Sea, all the minor islands

Number of nhabitants: 100.000

Main industry, most popular profession: Agriculture, tourism, fishing

Strenghts, potential and opportunities: The local culture is relatively unspoilt and traditions are still in everyday life. Through our Isolario Project local people are motivated to preserve and promote their heritage in a modern way, scientifically and technically adequate and modern.

Challanges / difficulties: Transportation - seclusion (major). Emmigration of youngsters

Local products: Cheese, meat, honey, fish, herbs, artifacts.

Anything else that is special: You will see during the time we’ll spend together.

Potential of working with the treasures: Municipalities, our Isolario network people.


Usual temperature in summer: 28-35 C

Coldest temperature in winter: 10-15 C