Galician partner



WHO? XANDOBELA xestión e dinamización sociocultural


WHY? Xandobela promotes community development through a playful approach to culture and educational activities.

FOR WHOM? Galician people of any age

WHAT? Dissemination of culture, Galician language and literature, ICL, NFE, sustainable development, arts, participatory participation.
Workshops in schools, libraries and social centers; animation to reading; storytelling; playgrounds and social games..

BY WHOM? We are a small crew: Nerea, Chus and Brais; with lots of friends who work with us  -permanently or ocassionally- such as Hugo, Roberto, Sara, Andrea, María, Sabela D, Nerea V...

WHY TREASURES? Any Galician who minds culture must mind of Living Treasures, since we are a minority culture suffering the effects of globalization. Xandobela cares of intergenerational dialogue and the getting to know traditional art & knowledge not only from Galicia but worldwide.

The first Living Library in Galicia we run was titled “Livind Treasures”

We colaborate side to side with the “Meetings of Traditional Music / Encontros de Música Tradicional” in Carboeiro



contact: Brais Fernandes, 


Brais & Hugo

our place

Country: Galicia

Town: Santiago de Compostela

Number Inhabitants: Santiago 100.000 . Galicia 2.700.000

Main industry, most popular profession: unemployment, emigration

Strenghts, potential and opportunities: Deep traditional culture struggling to stay alive. Galicia is a bridge between Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. 

Challanges / difficulties:  The standardization of global media makes small communities suffer. A hard history of several prejudices and rejection made our people feel ashamed of our traditional culture, accent and language. Our main challenge as educators is the empowerment of our society (and any society) to feel citizens of the world keeping the roots in the own soil.

Local products:  seafood, wine, pilgrim's shells

Anything else that is special: The Pilgrim's way to Santiago is considered the First European Itinerary

Potential of working with the treasures:
Huge. There's a living treasure behind every tree... but they need to realise they are.


Usual temperature in summer: not too warm, with rain

Coldest temperature in winter: not too cold, with rain