Film "Koidu Eha"

A 30-minute film called “Koidu eha” (The Twilight of Koidu) was directed by a young actress Maaja Hallik. The film tells a story of an old building in small town Viljandi called Koidu. It used to be a culture centre, a theatre, a cinema… So, a very important venue in the town that is now unfortunately falling apart. It is hard to renovate as the building is massive, requires a lot of resources and as the building is also under the heritage protection as well.

The film is documentary-fantasy, meaning that it uses stories, myths and facts from the people who have worked there but twist it in some way, making it more magical as the aura of the building is also mysterious.

This film collected real stories and memories from the people who new about the house. All the memories were displayed as a dreamlike scene. The house itself is like a big treasure full of memories. 

The film can be watched online too, but is only in Estonian: