Traveling theatres "Free wagon"

Travelling theatre is a group of 25 young people from different art fields (theatre, dance, music, visual and make-up artists, designers etc) who are going to live together for some weeks in July and devise a piece on Estonian traditions. The main focus will be on folk music and ’holiness’. The interesting and important is that the group works economically and travels with horses and wagons – just like travelling theatres since Medieval times). This is done to get the hold of different time usage, to be more connected to nature and your surroundings.

The piece called “Holy Commotion” as a large part of traditional music is strongly connected to the rituals for celebrating different holidays. It is performed in small towns and villages on the road – Ingliste, Rapla, Vändra, Kõpu and Viljandi. The performance does not use modern techniques such as electricity etc.

A group of young creative people collaborated and used materials from their childhood, experience and meetings with elderly people to create a theatrical piece that was travelling around with a real wagon. The local project supported the idea of valueing the old ways as treasures. 

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