Over one generation

The exhibition has been:
Pärnu Ülejõe High School 8th March - 5h of April 2013
This is an exhibition project of connecting two generations through photography. Kalju Mihkelson was a village photographer and Merli Antsmaa's granddad.  Photo exhibition "Over one generation" ("Üle ühe põlve") started from a small idea. Merli Antsmaa found his already passed away grandfather's photo album. This was so inspirational for the young photographer that she decided to collect some of the photos and show them in public. 
"Over one generation" shows pieces of life in Estonia country side in the 1950.-60. and also the photos of nowadays. Kalju Mihkelson was a village photographer in Häädemeeste, Estonia. His granddaughter Merli Antsmaa has also been into photography. As they have never meet in real life, they meet in this form of art.  
The exhibition has been:
Pärnu Endla theatre Gallery - 28. Aug-26. Sept 
Viljandi Pärimusmuusika Ait 5.-22. Oct 
Kurtna School - 4.-15. Nov 
Mayfield Arts Centre, Cork, ireland - 25. Nov-28. Nov 
Tartu University Cafe 14.Dec-27.Feb2011
Viru Centre, Tallinn 10.-26. March 2011
Pärnu Sütevaka High School of Humanities, Pärnu 18.Apr-20.June 2011
Rakvere Art Cafe, 30.March-29.April 2012
Häädemeeste museum, 1. May-11. June 2012
Jazz Cafe, Pärnu. 11th-19th of August 2012
Haapsalu Library, 5th Sept - 15th of October 2012