2nd meeting - Portugal

Where? – Valenca, city in the North of Portugal, in cross border region

When? – February, 16th – 22nd

What for? – to develop cooperation among partners and share good practices


What happend?

At the very beginning we get to know each other with new members of Grand Treasures family, we got valuable information about hosting organization Ponte… nas Ondas and we shared our ideas about common exhibition.

After that we arrived to Á Guarda in Galicia, where we’ve visited historic Celtic settlement and we got to know maritime culture of this place.

During the next day we were in Melgaço, we met fishermen of river Minho and we got to know how to prepare delicious traditional dish – lamprey :)

In the same day we’ve visited a museum “Memories of the border”, where we had a meeting with Grand Treasure and a workshop of our friend Giorgos about preparing interviews using “oral history” methodology.

On Monday we complete the findings on common exhibition which will take place during 3rd meeting in Greece. After that we had a reception with major of Valença Do Minho.

During our visit in Salceda De Caselas in Galicia we visited a group of local Grandtreasures –folklore music and dance group and we had an opportunity to participate in traditional carnival event.

In Lindoso we could admire and participate in a very specific kind of carnival, typical for this magic village placed under the picturesque castle.

After few days of sharing our ideas and  making plans for next activities we run an evaluation to reassume the meeting in Portugal and designate next steps in frames of Grand Treasures project.




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