6th meeting


Where? – Galicia. In Santiago de Compostela and in the Deza (Vila de Cruces and Silleda)

When? – 28th of May, 2nd of June.

What for? – to conclude tasks, evaluate cooperation among partners, implement a common exhibition and get to know some local Treasures.


What happened?

We met in Compostela, rainy Compostela. We worked during the mornings and made some study visits in the afternoons.


We met the Museum of the Galician People, its good practices and a very kind storyteller

We met the Big girls from Arzúa and their play on historical remembrance

We met some miners who still remember a El-Dorado in the middle of nowhere in Galician countryside


We met musicians and devotes of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Monastery of Carboeiro

There we made an exhibition and conclude de partnership experience with a great degree of joy



report from the 6th meeting: report

participants guide: pax Guide

more photo: Youtube photo+audio



            Leisma (Latvia)                    Hellas procession, Papa Theodoris (Greece)


                    Kristina (Estonia)